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Preschool 3

Three-year-olds are special! They are transitioning from parallel to interactive play, and their language capacity is blossoming. They are becoming much more mobile and learning to show genuine affection and concern for their peers.


Three-year-olds are no longer toddlers, yet are not ready for a rigorous Pre-K program. BPC Preschool educators understand that three-year-olds' cognitive, physical, and social skills are significantly unique from other ages. Their language and understanding of the world are rapidly developing. We help them grow in these areas while also helping them feel comfortable in a classroom setting away from their caregivers. 


Children must be 3 by November 1st and fully Restroom Independent.

Preschool 4

Our Preschool 4 program focuses on Social-Emotional Learning and gaining experience in a classroom environment. 

Children learn to take turns, make choices, recognize limits, try new activities, follow directions, and feel comfortable in a classroom away from their parents. They also will learn to use art as a form of expression, develop large and fine motor skills, build language and literacy skills, and develop math and science concepts via hands-on exploration.

Boy in Daycare
Art Class


Four-year-olds are ready for more challenging activities and opportunities to exercise their emerging literacy skills in preparation for kindergarten. Our teachers know that children this age learn best when the activities are meaningful and intentional. They plan for an environment that engages the whole child and is informed by the student's interests.

Emerging literacy development is supported through various opportunities for listening, talking, writing, and sharing stories. Fine motor skills are improved using pencils, scissors, small manipulatives, and art materials. We foster curiosity through multiple senses, books, music, science experiments, comparing, sorting, categorizing, and beginning graphing. 


Children learn beginning math skills through counting, creating sets, and identifying shapes. Observing the world around them helps children learn to exercise their scientific eyes.


We will continue to grow in our social skills by helping others and being part of a group. The emphasis is that children will work towards gaining the independence necessary for Kindergarten readiness.

PK students must be 4 by November 1st.


Transitional Kindergarten

After a wonderful initial year of TK, BPC Preschool is excited to announce that TK will be a regular part of our programming moving forward! It is a program designed for children who either narrowly miss the cut-off for public kindergarten or are taking an extra year before entering formal school. After completing Transitional Kindergarten, parents can enroll their child in public Kindergarten or First Grade when meeting learning goals and age requirements. Our director will work with you and your child's principal on this possible transition.


A veteran teacher leads the class. The curriculum closely aligns with FCPS's; however, the small class size and teacher-to-student ratio allow for more in-depth, individualized instruction, hands-on learning, and exploration. 

Children must be five by December 1st, and all enrollment is at the director's discretion. 

Art Class
Yellow Vest

Full Day Preschool

Compelling research demonstrates the positive benefits of high-quality, full-day preschool on a child's development. Numerous studies indicate full-day preschool is associated with improved outcomes in areas including language development readiness, higher math and reading performance, and less likelihood of retention in later elementary school.


BPCP is a "School Day" program in response to this research. The school day in 2024-2025 will be from 9:15 - 3:30, with a possible extended day until 4:00.


Learning doesn't stop in the afternoon! All children bring a packed lunch to school and have extra time for outdoor play and a quiet period. The rest of the afternoon is formatted as the "specials" classes your child will experience when entering school. Each day, children experience a different special: P.E., STEM, Creative Arts, Library, and Multi-Cultural Exploration. Sharing the children's delight in these activities has been a pleasure!

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