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About Burke Presbyterian Church Preschool

Our preschool provides a loving and caring atmosphere in which each child is encouraged to develop as a unique person with a positive self-image. We nurture all aspects of a child’s growth, including social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual development.  

We understand that children develop at unique timetables that are often uneven and unrelated to age. They also thrive in learning environments that nurture: 

  • an emerging sense of self and empathy for others, 

  • both structured and unstructured learning, and 

  • the disposition to learn by one’s self and with others as an enjoyable lifelong pursuit.   

In our program, children interact with their immediate world as a catalyst for learning, and they use play to explore, experiment, and discover the world around them. 

Our staff is carefully selected for its warmth, dedication, and ability to empathize with children. Our teachers make every effort to provide a secure setting for preschoolers in their care. We recruit teachers with a heart for early education, a love for young children, and a passion for ensuring school readiness.


We adhere to all state and county requirements.

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Play is the highest
form of research.

Albert Einstein

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"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. "


Fred Rogers


We Offer Research-Based Approaches to Learning

BPC Preschool applies child development theories and early brain research to a unique teacher support model, child experience, and family engagement model.



Every child is full of potential, naturally curious, and essential to the community. BPC Preschool embraces individual differences.



Children explore their environment to experiment with ideas, manipulate materials, and construct knowledge.



Families are central to the intellectual and social growth of the child. Family culture and beliefs add beauty to the school community. As a school family, BPC Preschool partners with parents as the first, primary, and most crucial teacher the child will have.



The teacher is a learner alongside the child. As a researcher and guide, the teacher offers resources and support. BPC Preschool teachers act with “intention.” Activities are planned with specific goals for a child’s development. BPC Preschool teachers and staff select every activity, song, and item in the classrooms with purpose and intentionality.


Burke Presbyterian Church Preschool is a ministry of Burke Presbyterian Church. We are excited to have been serving our community for 40 years and welcome children of all races, faiths, ethnic backgrounds, and nationalities. 

As a church-sponsored preschool, we seek to reflect Christian values in all our activities. We endeavor to provide opportunities for the child to experience God’s love and a life of wholeness.

A Message From Our Director

Dear Family,

Thank you for considering Burke Presbyterian Preschool. It is our honor to have the opportunity to partner with you in these early years of your child's learning and development. When your child enters our preschool, they will join a new family - their School Family. School Family is a term we use to describe our classroom and broader school community. The School Family, in partnership with you, can help to create the best possible learning experience for your child.

When a child comes to school, they have three questions: 

Am I safe? Am I loved? What can I learn?

I want to introduce you to Conscious Discipline, a comprehensive classroom management and social-emotional learning tool used throughout our school. Our trained teachers and staff have created learning environments where children will know, "Yes, I am safe," and "Yes, I am loved." From this foundation of safety and caring, children are ready for joyful learning, the business of serious playing, and to begin learning how to navigate their world.

While I am partial, I love our small School Family! I encourage you to visit several preschools and find the one that feels like home to your family. Should that be Burke Presbyterian Church Preschool, I will be excited and honored to welcome you as a part of our School Family.


From my heart to your heart, I wish you well,

Anndra Rowland  

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